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Hey guys, I was wondering your stats when you applied, such as GPA, experience, location (general), volunteer work(if any). Other questions:1. How long did it take to get accepted?2. Are you working?3. Anyone from the Midwest?... Read More

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    I just started the application process today for the September 2013 cohort. It is nice to see all of the positive comments on here, I plan to go full time and not work if I am accepted. I will try to check in here from time to time and will let you all know if I am accepted when I find out.

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    i am applying for the 2013 September cohort, part-time. I will be submitting my application probably this week or next week. I have my fingers crossed. I will let you all know if I get in and how long it took me to get a response after submitting.
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    I just can't get over the cost, I'm positive it's a really good program though. It would be a dream to go to Georgetown.
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    Patti_RN- Have you completed your course of study? Do you feel that you were well prepared?

    I am starting in September and am extremely nervous about the cost of the school.
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    The NP program at Georgetown is extremely impersonal and uninspiring. The faculty do not care about the individual students once you are admitted and they have secured your money. Also, the support staff are not helpful at all. I was given no useful guidance when things were not going smoothly, whereas my friends at UPenn NP program had much more support and personal interaction for less tuition burden! For upwards of $1500 per credit the education provided here is a scam and I would not wish this mistake on my worst enemies. The online courses are quite lame and the professors are hit or miss. If you happen to sign up for the wrong class and get a lousy professor you will miss out on an entire course of quality teaching. Save your money and get a better education at any other local university where someone may actually care about you and not treat you like a statistic! Don't pay for a name just because you like labels. Pay for a quality service as you would in any other industry. This is a young program and needs time to get their priorities straight. In my opinion this program seems like a big money making operation with little to no regard for the human connection, and ZERO compassion for the individual. Overall rating, C- however I will reduce to a D due to the ridiculous price and lousy product.

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