Georgetown FNP Fall 2013 Cohort

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering if there is anyone else out there that will be starting the online FNP program through Georgetown University starting in Fall (September) 2013. I am going to be in the Part-time track. Post if you will be joining me!


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    I am starting in the same program as you! The welcome call was informative, but I have as yet to complete the full committment payment. I have been accepted to another program, but it is a bit different. The other program is a FNP/DNP program, full-time, with frequent campus visits 2 1/2 hrs away from my home, but they have dangled a partial to full grant for the three year program.

    Georgetown seems to have great tech support, part-time program, they and great reputation. I live in Iowa, and I love that Georgetown University will prepare me as an autonomous FNP where I can practice in Iowa. The downside is the finances.

    Are you excited to start? Why did you choose Georgetown? I will probably see you soon in the virtual classroom

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    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the reply. I am choosing Georgetown for a number of reasons. The first is the name recognition and reputation of the University. I think this will help with employment prospects. Also, I like the fact that the weekly class sessions are two hours each, and that the remaining lectures can be completed on my own time. Also, by being able to precept with local preceptors, I will already have connections for employment based on where I live. The tech support and setup is amazing, or at least seems to be thus far. I think that the program will definitely be worth the cost. I hope you join me in the fall and choose Georgetown, but if not, I wish you the best!

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    I am finishing making the committment and all the additional paperwork for Georgetown now. See you in the fall!
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    I am starting on November 10th after I return from a medical volunteer trip. So far I haven't seen anyone else with a November start date but one of our flight nurses will be starting in Sept. How are things coming along with the pre-school worklist? I just paid for and completed my urine drug screen and background check and will be getting several immunizations next week (MMR, TDP). My only complaint so far is that I would have liked a book list as soon as I paid the $500 commitment fee, so that I could have more then a couple weeks to look for deals on textbooks.
    How are you paying for school? I am still waiting to see if I will receive any federal aid but did get accepted for a Discover student loan at a lower interest rate then PLUS loans. Let me know how you like the program and good luck!


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    I'm considering applying to Georgetown for the next available covert, however the close of tuition scares me a bit.
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    I have applied for the Sept start, but am still waiting to hear acceptance or denial.
    The waiting is killing me.
    What is the actual start date for Sept?
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    Have you heard anything yet? I am still waiting to hear a decision as well.
    The Sept start date is Sept 9. I am beginning to think the worst
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    You guys will likely find out soon, it's weird that they are waiting until now to tell you the decision because registration already started like two weeks ago so you may get the remaining openings for classes if you get in. I was told that if it takes longer to receive your decision then it may be a good sign. Hang in there
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    Hi everyone. I just received my acceptance for January 2014 and I am super excited. How has the part time program been? How much study time on average are you putting in? I was thinking about switching to fulltime. Just a thought though. Any info would be so helpful! Thanks!
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