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Hi Everyone, Just wondering if there is anyone else out there that will be starting the online FNP program through Georgetown University starting in Fall (September) 2013. I am going to be in the Part-time track. Post if you... Read More

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    Quote from canucks090
    I cant speak for part time but i can speak for full time. I am in the fulltime FNP program. !
    Hi Canucks090! I have been accepted to the January 2014 part time Cohort and was considering switching to the fulltime track. With that said though I can't quit my job. I only work weekends so I can spend all week on school. How much time do you spend per week preparing for each class? I am just not sure if I should play it safe and do the part time or attempt the full time. Any advice?

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    Hi davesbride,

    That decision should be based on how much of your time you will spend every day during the week. Honestly, for me, I am ether studying, writing a paper, and completing a health assessment video (or a combination of these!) on almost every day of the week. If yo do not have any other committments, it may work out for you. Many of my classmates that started out fulltime switched to part-time in the first two weeks when they realized that it would take up too much time (some of them were already working part time or per diem). I hope this helps, sorry I cant give a specific answer, it kind of reminds me of nursing school when I was busy every day and had no committments, but there were moms with kids AND jobs that got it done. Good luck with whichever decision you go with!
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    Hello, I am starting the FNP program at Georgetown this May, full time. I will not be working. How are you doing with your program? Thanks for the info!
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    Hello Davesbride! How is school going? I will be starting May 12, full time! A lot nervous but, super excited! Did you switch to full time?

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