1. Just wondering if there are any psychiatric nurse practitioners here?
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  3. by   Smitty08
    Well I for one am here! I'm sure there are others too!
  4. by   kkmmy64
    your the only one who has responded. What type of practice setting do you work in?
  5. by   Phoenix2010
    I have the academic education, but not able to be successful at certification yet. I am presently teaching as a psychiatric coordinator in a BSN class for UAMS.
  6. by   ivorybunny
    I'm finished with my Master's, taking the exam- soon will be a Family Psych NP-
  7. by   kkmmy64
    Fantastic Ivory, there aren't many of us. What area are you in? I'm in Florida
  8. by   ivorybunny
    Actually I'm in Florida too!
  9. by   kkmmy64
  10. by   ivorybunny
    I live in Ocala... went to school in Tampa though
  11. by   marilynmom

    Im looking to network with other FPMHNP as well!!
  12. by   Phoenix2010
    Have you been practicing as a FPMHNP for 2 and 1/2 years? What is your time regarding experience in nursing before your graduate degree? I graduated in May of 2007 and worked on my temporary license for 6 months, but then I had some fairly complicated "back problems" and could not work for a while. I have been teaching since then, because it is physically possible for me to perform in a teaching role. I still want to work as a FPMHNP, but I am having some difficult passing the certification exam. It seems that I am not the only one in this area with that difficulty (NE Texas and SW Arkansas). Has anyone taken the new exam , which began on March 1st of this year. One of my classmates did FNP and then went on to finish her FPMHNP. She passed her FNP certification, but was not successful with the psychiatric one. We need some advice or help! I have studied everything that is available, except for the new online practice test. Has anyone accessed that yet? Just need some friendly advice from someone who has been successful with this exam. I like teaching, but it just was not I worked so hard in graduate school to accomplish.Please help!!!
    Phoenix 2010
  13. by   Mental1
    I am an Adult Psych NP; I just passed the exam and will start my new job in few weeks. I live in Iowa.
  14. by   KidPsycho82
    Hi, I took the child & adolescent CNS mental health exam and then took the family MHNP exam, passed them both. Have been working as a psych NP for about 5 years now. Prior to that, worked on an inpatient unit in several areas. Looking for the best state to start an independent practice in. Good luck in passing the exam!