Fitzgerald FNP Cert EXam CD's

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    Hey all,
    If anyone is contemplating purchasing the Fitzgerald cd's for the FNP Cert exam or anyother study material I will be happy to answer any questions. I have gotten every study book written and I wish I had someone to check with first. The reviews on the sites are of no help. Having taken the exam, both AANP and ANCC I wil give the best advise I can.
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    I will be taking the peds boards in about two weeks and I feel like I still am not prepared enough. I took the Barkley & associates review course and have been doing questions. Everytime I do questions, I keep getting scores of 70s. What do you think will help? Should I extend my date?
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    I took the Barkley Review and did not think it helped me. I would get other review manuals and see how you do with those. If you can extend and give yourself a little more time so you pass, its worth it. Good Luck!
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    Babie_np.....which test seemed to be easier for you ancc or anp? how did you study?
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    Babie_np.....which test seemed to be easier for you ancc or anp? how did you study?
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    I will be taking the FNP (hopefully) soon. I will graduate in May and take the test in August. I will be attending the Fitzgerald seminar in April. What is your advice on studying for the boards and why did you take both exams? Thank you for offering your advice.
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    I'm still a FNP student and I'm wondering is there any good source to guide our study now in order to pass the certification exam? Thanks for your advice.
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    Loved the Fitzgerald CDs and book. Passed AANP exam with no trouble.
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    i am about to take boards; i have only studied using fitzgerald cds!! Should that be enough??
    I would like to hear how people passed!!

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