finishing first quarter of walden fnp program

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    Hello, I'm finishing the first quarter of the FNP program at Walden. I currently stay with my parents and save on rent so I can pay for the program without student loans. However, I am considering buying a home which means I would have the monthly mortgage to pay plus I'll have to resort to student loans. I wanted to hear from current students that are starting clinicals, have you all been able to keep working full time up till now and will you be able to work full time during clinicals? I don't know if to wait it out to avoid the financial stress of owning a home during grad school if I cannot stay full time. Thoughts and info are greatly appreciated.

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    Most people cut back when clinical start or quit all together
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    Thanks for the response.
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    I will be start Walden's FNP program this September and have heard from other students that it is difficult to work full time during this program. Especially if you have a family.
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    Just finish school. Why add another level of stress. Thank your parents. Not everybody gets that sweet deal. Send them on a cruise when you are done. Just not worth the stress this close to the end.
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    You make a great point about adding another level of stress. I decided to stay where I am till I finish the program. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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