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Hello everyone So I took the AANP in March 2011 after taking the Fitz course, and failed (personally I didn't think I was ready), but I thought I would try. Then I purchased the Barkley Assoc CD and Home Course and studied... Read More

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    Just wanted to put in my two cents since I read a lot of posts on Allnurses about people who failed, which did nothing to help my anxiety. I passed. I thought it was tough, but doable. Study those guidelines, review PE as much as humanly possible, and consider a review course. I did both the online $300 Fitzgerald course and the Fitzgerald exam prep third edition book. Just be careful because some of her info is outdated! I also took the practice AANP exam and an APEA predictor exam. Got an 89% on the AANP exam and 78% on APEA. All in all I studied maybe 3-4 hours per week while still doing clinical for 4 weeks or so and then studied 8 hours per day for two weeks straight. Not sure studying anymore could have even helped. While taking the test I really focused on just what would be the safest thing and tried to imagine myself actually seeing the patient in clinic.

    Hope this helps! Good luck for all those studying!

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    Congratulations! Relax and enjoy your achievement.
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    Tina- would you be available to talk about failing the AANP and some suggestions. I found comfort in your "failing" posts.
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    Im always available to talk. But I didn't fail the exam. .I saw this thread a long time ago and commented in order to comfort others you can feel free to inbox me your number
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    Ashlee 2225...let me know what you find out
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    I failed the AANP exam last Monday. Don't really know where to go from there. Registered and paid to do the ANCC exam, so now playing the waiting game and unsure what to do in my down time. I had previously taken several practice exams through APEA and went through that review book and listened to Fitzgerald CDs and also her review book. Suggestions? I just purchased Leik to read what it says.
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    Hum..wantingtobfnp The ANCC is a hard exam to tell you how to study for. My friends took it, Leik really wont help you. Please get out your research book and your theory book. Thats your best bet because the vast majority will be on those two topics. Read the fitzgerald portion about the ANCC. She goes over health care policy type info which will be helpful. Its not a clinical exam like AANP. Call people in your class that took that test and passed and ask them how to prepare. More than likely they will have no clue because the question are so vague and non clinical. Best of luck. And go on and get started again . You got it~ Soontobefnp!
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    Well, just took the ANCC today and failed with a 347. Completely bummed and unsure of where to go from there. I have an awesome job waiting for me and don't want to have to tell them I failed. I have listened to Fitzgerald CDs and her review book several times. I have taken multiple practice exams through APEA and (all of which indicate passing rates). I did the Leik review course and have her book and I have an APEA question book. AGHHHH completely lost and feeling like i have let my family and myself down.
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    I am taking the ANCC ACNP not the AGACNP exam in 2 weeks. I can't seem to keep my mind on the task. I drift off so easily. I do not have a good feeling but I am not going to push it back.
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    I am pretty sure you are going to pass! You have what it takes already! Please let us know how you did!

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