Awesome Cardiac EP job available!

  1. Hi everyone,
    If anyone is interested in a cardiology EP position, please PM me!

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  3. by   AGACNPTX
    What city?
  4. by   Cardiology EP NP
    About 20 miles west of Chicago. It's a great place!
  5. by   cards

    I know this is off base but I was hoping to get into contact with you. I'm new to the field of EP, just accepted a EP NP job (also 1st NP job) and I wanted to pick your brain or get any advice you are willing to offer. I'm not sure if there is a way to private message on here or not but I can tell you more about my background etc then (cardiology).

  6. by   Cardiology EP NP
    Hi. Sure thing. Just send me a private message over this web site and we can discuss the field of EP more in depth.
  7. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    What do NPs do in the EP lab??

  8. by   Cardiology EP NP
    Hi Annie, I actually don't work in EP Lab. I work in the EP Clinic. But I know that there are EP APNs who work in the Lab. I think those APNs assist with procedures such as pacemaker implants and ablations. Also, they might run the programmer during device implants. Most times device reps do that part. Most EP APNs either work in clinic or see patients in the hospital or more commonly do a combination of both. Hope that helps!
  9. by   cards
    Hey EP NP,

    I don't think I am able to PM you since I do not have enough posts I believe (I've been a long time lurker, 10+ years) but have never posted myself. Maybe you are able to PM me and then I can reply? Otherwise I can try to somehow share my contact information with you or vice versa, just don't want to break any rules! I appreciate you being available to me!
  10. by   Cardiology EP NP
    Hi. Ok I will PM you and then see if you can PM me back.
  11. by   cards
    Hmm. Didn't work. I tried to respond back to you and had this long message ready but it basically took me to a different screen and said I couldn't send any.

    So I guess I'll post here as vaguely as I can.

    I accepted an EP NP job and they said they are going to train me, I have 5 years tele experience inpatient and 0 experience as an NP. But I know the group through my RN job, thus was able to get interviewed and hired. The expectations of the EP docs I was told was very low, they realize that I have no formal training in EP. My nervousness lies with learning the field of EP, and of course couple that with being a new NP, new job, new stress. I went to a school that I believe prepared me well, I am an FNP.

    I was wondering if you can share any insight with me on your position, day to day, any advice on what to start out with as a new NP (specific resources, references, subscriptions) that you may suggest? Any good readings out there? Any hurdles you had to face within your role..etc.

    The role I will have is a new one, so no one's shoes to fill. I will mostly be seeing patients in clinic, and who knows this may adapt based on a variety of factors, I may start seeing patients inpatient here and there once I get accustomed, eventually run a pacemaker clinic, etc.

    Any insight would be thoroughly appreciated as I start this new journey!
  12. by   Cardiology EP NP
    Hi cards,
    I sent you a private message. Let me know if you aren't able to see it and I will send it over this posting.
  13. by   cards
    EP NP, I got your message but I am unable to message you back due to me not meeting the quota of having posted 15 topics, ...ahh.

    If you respond with an email address, I can definitely email you back in answer to your questions. Or if there is any other way we can communicate, I'm not sure if I can post my email on here. I definitely appreciate the advice and insight you gave on the resources, I had read up a little bit on Heart Rhythm Society. I will look into the books you suggested as well.
  14. by   traumaRUs
    Posting here on the thread can also help others trying to break into the EP field.