Attention DNP students

  1. Greetings, I have viewed this forum many times as a guest and finally decided to join. After much thought, I have made the decision to pursue the DNP degree. I applied to a couple of schools and received acceptance. The school that I have set my heart on is the Medical University of South Carolina's BSN-DNP program. The track I have chosen is the Pediatric NP route as I am a pediatric nurse and wouldn't think of working in another specialty. My question is how are any of you who are in a DNP program (whether it be post BSN or post MSN) liking it? What are your views on your programs whether they be positive or negative? Are there any students here from MUSC's program? I do not want to discuss whether the DNP degree is a good idea since there are plenty of threads discussing that.
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  3. by   SVT05
    Did you decide on MUSC? I'm looking at their BSN-DNP program and wondering if you had any insight. If you arent there, why did you choose to go elsewhere?
  4. by   Dr.Naija_Queen
    Sorry, I am so late on this. I am at MUSC and am enrolled in the BSN-DNP program with the FNP track. As with any new program it is working out some kinks, but overall it is a good program. I'd do it again.
  5. by   PatMac10,RN
    I like the set up that MUSC has, with the option yo recurve your MSN along the way. I plan to apply there when the time comes.,