Anyone starting GWU's FNP program in spring 2014? Anyone starting GWU's FNP program in spring 2014? | allnurses

Anyone starting GWU's FNP program in spring 2014?

  1. 0 Hi! I just accepted admission to GWU's FNP program for their new spring 2014 start. Anyone else?
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    I also just accepted my admission to GWU's spring start for the FNP. I am pretty excited for the program Where will you doing the program from? I currently live in PA and will be moving to Minnesota next year.
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    Awesome!! I'm in virginia and excited to get started. Did you see that we will not be attending orientation until next August? Wonder if that will be a big deal or not?
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    Yeah I saw that too..maybe because it's their first time with the spring start, so they didn't create a winter orientation for spring starters. Did you contact your advisor yet? I did the checklist thing on the ewelcome packet and made the email account and such. Not sure what to do next haha I know the policy on the background check and drug screen stated that we will be contacted by the school for that eventually.
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    Congratulations. Am looking into applying there. How long is their fnp program and how much is the tuition? Is it online or on campus?
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    I am applying to their program for Fall 2014. Can I ask who you used for your letters of recommendation? What was your GPA like? Do you plan on working through the program?
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    I used my research mentor from my undergrad and my nurse educator of my unit as my reference letter submissions. My GPA was 3.75 undergrad, and I also plan to work part time during the program. Spring start is part time only.
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    So what did everyone put in your portfolio? It sounds like having a strong portfolio is important. I have a ADN, and a bachelors in education. I was a teacher for several years before becoming a RN. I have under a year of experience in corrections and med-surg in a urban hospital. I plan on waiting until I get the year of experience before applying. Where did everyone take the physical assessment course and the statistics?