Anyone starting GWU's FNP program in spring 2014?

  1. Hi! I just accepted admission to GWU's FNP program for their new spring 2014 start. Anyone else?
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  3. by   FG2012

    I also just accepted my admission to GWU's spring start for the FNP. I am pretty excited for the program Where will you doing the program from? I currently live in PA and will be moving to Minnesota next year.
  4. by   Jbanner82
    Awesome!! I'm in virginia and excited to get started. Did you see that we will not be attending orientation until next August? Wonder if that will be a big deal or not?
  5. by   FG2012
    Yeah I saw that too..maybe because it's their first time with the spring start, so they didn't create a winter orientation for spring starters. Did you contact your advisor yet? I did the checklist thing on the ewelcome packet and made the email account and such. Not sure what to do next haha I know the policy on the background check and drug screen stated that we will be contacted by the school for that eventually.
  6. by   2015
    Congratulations. Am looking into applying there. How long is their fnp program and how much is the tuition? Is it online or on campus?
  7. by   RN2FNP2B
    I am applying to their program for Fall 2014. Can I ask who you used for your letters of recommendation? What was your GPA like? Do you plan on working through the program?
  8. by   FG2012
    I used my research mentor from my undergrad and my nurse educator of my unit as my reference letter submissions. My GPA was 3.75 undergrad, and I also plan to work part time during the program. Spring start is part time only.
  9. by   miteacher
    So what did everyone put in your portfolio? It sounds like having a strong portfolio is important. I have a ADN, and a bachelors in education. I was a teacher for several years before becoming a RN. I have under a year of experience in corrections and med-surg in a urban hospital. I plan on waiting until I get the year of experience before applying. Where did everyone take the physical assessment course and the statistics?