Acute Care NP with Cardiac Specialty

  1. Hi all,
    I am looking into going to graduate school to get my DNP or NP. I would like to become an Acute Care NP with a Cardiac specialty. I am somewhat confused about how I can get my specialty in Cardiology. Im looking at a school but they dont have any mention of subspecialty or specialties. I was wondering if someone could give me advice on how to get the Cardiac Specialty? Also, if there are programs that you know of and recommend, I would appreciate it. I also am considering taking it online? Any advice on that?
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  3. by   ghillbert
    You can't really specialize because you all have to sit the same ACNP certification exam which is general and not specialized. Having said that, my school does have different tracks, one of which is cardiac. But really how you "specialize" is just do your clinicals in the area you're interested in, and you'll be more likely to get a job in that area, esp if you get to work in a unit you like and they like you and offer you a job. But the most important thing with clinicals and with jobs, is that what you like may change over the course of the degree, and as you try areas out.. keep an open mind and look for great preceptors who are willing to teach you, rather than being wedded to a particular specialty.
  4. by   Aymese
    My school offered two additional courses: 12 lead EKG interpretation (required for ACNP) and Advanced CV Nursing (elective). That is the extent of "CV specialization" at UAB. As the previous poster mentioned, you can choose to do your clinicals in CV. Additionally, if you were interested in surgery, you could find a program that had an RN first assist specialization. THis provides additional hours in a surgical specialty.
  5. by   CCRNDiva
    Loyola University Chicago has a program with a cardiac focus. It includes EKG Interpretation, and also includes electives Cardiovascular Nursing for Adults and Cardiac Risk Reduction/Exercise Therapy.
  6. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    I agree with the ghillbert, who mentioned the idea of choosing your clinicals in cardiology. I also agree with them that finding great NPs and docs who will mentor you is important as well. Not to mention, if you only do clinicals in one area, you close yourself off to other possibilities. I wish you the best of luck!