AANP website 92% Fitzgerald 75-80% am I ready?

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    Hi everyone
    I did the 50.00 practice AANP test tonight and got a 92. I get 75-80 percent on Fitzgerald generally. I am going to do the APEA practice test as well. I sit next monday. I have a job at a hospital I have been employed with for 10 years... so no pressure or anything if I have to tell everyone (and I mean everyone) I failed.

    Anyone have any idea how the website AANP test correlates to success on the real exam? I use leik, APEA, and Fitzgerald. I have barkley and the FNP secrets but will not get around to them in time (Got them all off ebay from a really nice former student who shared her wealth.)

    Any thoughts out there.
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    I did about the same on the AANP practice as I did the test. I felt so much better after the practice than I had after my other practice tests I did. Just relax, you will be fine!!
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    I Just got a 69 on the AANP $50 test. I have been getting 90's on the Fitzgerald quizzes. I got sick to my stomach... I sit for certification on Tuesday.
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    I am sitting for mine on Saturday. I scored 80% on the AANP quiz and have done pretty horrible on a few of the fitzgerald quizzes. Its all relative and is totally dependent on which questions you get on the real thing. How are you preparing these last couple days? I thought about doing some APEA tests.
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    I studied using the Barkley audio tapes and went to the Fitzgerald seminar. I scored 65-85% on practice exams. I really thought I would not pass the boards.. I took them just to see what they were like thinking it would help me study. I took the ANCC boards and passed they were more application then regurgitation of facts. SO don't psych yourself out it was a heck of a lot easier than I thought it would be.
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    I did some of the APEA tests yesterday and today. I am consistently getting 70 percent. Is that a 70 percent chance I will pass? I am making silly mistakes. I can post tomorrow whether or not I pass.
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    Let us know how it goes! Best of luck!
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    I went this morning. No sweat! Passed! I felt well prepared. I was calm this morning. My husband had me follow him there so I didn't stress on getting lost (He works a few blocks from there). Good luck to those of you preparing. Fitzgerald was helpful, and the APEA online tests were also helpful.

    Good Luck, and Best Wishes.
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    Good stuff, congratz!
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    sorry its been awhile . I passed just as an FYI to anyone reading this.

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