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I had an interview today for an LPN position at a drug detox/psychiatric crisis clinic. It's a small facility and the longest stay is 6 days. The interview went VERY well and I think I have a great shot at this position. This... Read More

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    Congrats on your job, garnetgirl29! Can I ask you (and anyone else who wants to answer) did you find this job opening? I am a new grad who is *very* interested in working in this field, but very unsure about how to get into it since the clinics are so private. When I do google searches, I notice the web pages are very private about their information. Should I just show up at the offices and drop off resumes? I really have no idea how to go about this. I am leaning toward a position with a clinic vs. the hospital. Thanks!
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    I discovered this opening by word of mouth. A friend's husband is an agency nurse and he worked a shift here & told me they were looking. So, I went to their website & filled out an application. I then called the clinic directly and asked if they were accepting applications for LPNs. They said yes and I was instructed to e-mail my resume/application directly to the facility director & I typed a cover letter in the body of the e-mail. A couple days later, I sent a follow-up email. We e-mailed back & forth a couple times and then she called me for an interview. She told me in the interview that she had to get with HR for approval of a new hire and to work up an offer, so I pretty much knew that was going to give me an offer. Two days layer, I had an offer and I had to scramble to get everything I needed to begin orientation (college transcripts, TB test, fingerprints).

    Good luck to you!