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Does anyone have any advice on materials that I can get to help me study for the CARN exam? I see many references to a book that is sold on Amazon but there are 3 reviews and they are all terrible. HELP!... Read More

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    Wow! New Study guide is available!!!!!! Check out IntNSA website store... electronic and hardcopy available.
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    Hi cfaith,

    did you use the carn study guide? Looking at the intnsa store of form and perusing through information on the exam, I only see the carn (not the carn-ap) study guide. Are they one in the same?

    I'll be taking the exam this spring 2015. About how long did you put into studying? Is it comparable to the ancc boards I wonder. Thanks in advance for any input you might have.
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    bpu-psych ----This is cfaith Big time trouble logging on recreated logon.... Yes I used the study guide BUT is was the older edition. The new edition. The new edition was constructed with the new test matrix so it includes CARN-AP information. That said you should also use an advanced practice test book....
    I also took the review class held at the annual IntNSA conference each year.

    Best of luck!

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