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hey everyone! I am currently enrolled in LPN school and exploring all my career options. Although I am sold on geriatrics I have always been interested in psychology so I was wondering if a career... Read More

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    I'm an LPN and I work in psych. LOVE it!
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    @ demylenated.....Awesome description and understanding of addiction...I have been an RN in the field of psych and addictions for 38 years....(takes deep breath)....I have worked with RN's who lack that knowledge...Kudos to you!!!
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    I came straight out of nursing school, persuing a job in psych and addiction. I landed the perfect job on a MICA unit as an LPN and was able to do so much there. From meds, to groups, to 1:1's, obtain my IV certification and BAT and drug testing certifications, although I wanted to get my certification in Addiction counseling, it wasn't allowed for LPN's....only RN's...It used to be that an LPN could obtain a certification in addiction counseling, but then was changed to RN. Kinda stinks to have to go further on for your RN when you don't want to, but you'd like to further your LPN by specializing! Best of luck to you! and each state may be different. This was in Pennsylvania.

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