Zone by Anywear clogs sold by Tafford


Does anyone own these? What is your experience, comfort? fit (run small or large)? tia for any info

i 'm not sure about the Zone type of clogs. but i just got an Anywear clogs sold by Pro Image Uniforms in anchorage, alaska. i just used it today and it was comfortable to wear.


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I'm really curious about these, too.


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This might be kind of humorous to some, but on the advice of a uniform shop lady who told me these were unisex mules/clogs, I picked them up and wore them to clinical. They are very comfortable, though I wear mine with the heel strap up since I step out of them. I wear a size 11 in these.

They wipe down really easily and almost always look clean and white. They are pretty good in terms of traction. Now here's why its funny: Amazon has these listed as a Woman's shoe :eek: Now, being the manly man I am, I'm still not adverse to wearing these puppies because they are comfortable. And frankly, no one has ever called me out on 'em since they don't look feminine per se.

Heck, I say go for them. They are comfortable as all get out. I just wish they breathed a bit better - my feet get kind of sweaty after a few hours (I hear all non-vented shoes of this style do that too, though).


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