ZOFRAN for morning sickness?

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Has anyone taken this expensive med for morning sickness?

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Originally posted by Stillanurse

Has anyone taken this expensive med for morning sickness?

I've seen docs order this for hyperemisis gravidarium, but not usual morning sickness.


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several of my friends have & gosh it's soooooooo expensive. How do people afford it without insurance? the answer, they don't get it.

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I took it when I was pregnant-I had hyperemesis....I would take Zofran in the day and Phenergan (that was prescribed by my ob/gyn)at night. Zofran did help-the only problem I had with it was constipation.


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I took it too, athough I was being Tx for HG as well, not regualr ole Morning sickness. It is the drug of choice for hyperemesis as far as I know and is terribly expensive. My OB gave me samples (ODT samples) so I got them for free, but my insurance co would've paid, they just needed to talk directly to my OB that other meds would not work. I also took phenergan supp but they drugged me out, sorta nice at night to actually get a couple hours of sleep and not barf though.

Oh, and I had HORRIBLE constipation too from zofran like a previous poster said. In fact, It almost got to the point I would RATHER barf 8x a day instead of dis-impacting my own feces! Yuk! gotta do some crazy things when preggo huh? Sorry if this was too much info for anyone, we are all nurses right?? he he



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Do you guys have any idea how much Zofran costs, even WITH insurance? I was surprised. I picked up my dad's rx with Blue Cross coverage, and his co-pay for a bottle of 30 pills was $200. Right now, there is not a generic equivalent, so the company can charge what they would like.



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