2 yrs inactive, is there a refresher course in PHP?

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Hi there. I'm Ryan and I'm currently working in a call center for 1 year and 7 months now. I graduated BS in Nursing April of 2009 and passed the board exams November of 2009. I am a second-courser with BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering as my first course, and passed the licensure exams for that as well in 2003.

I am in a dilemma at the moment. I want to take NCLEX for Texas but I have to save for it. And it might take me more than 2 years before quitting work and doing volunteer work. I'm anxious about things I have read here in ALLNURSES regarding refresher courses. Is there such a thing here in the Philippines?

I only worked after graduating BSN because I taught my eldest brother wouldn't be that responsible to finance my review for NLE then. And I was right, it was definitely a good decision for me to work then. I financed my stay here in Manila and did self-review (even though I really wanted to just review and focus on NLE).

My brother from Texas - Ceasar - not the best brother, but still my brother, was the one who encouraged me to quit work (also in a call center) in 2005. He financed my nursing school fees until I was about to graduate. That is correct he kept me hanging. I was about to graduate and he cut sending off money because he found a girl here in the PHP and fell in love (as he said). As they say you can only choose friends and not your relatives.

To cut the story short, I am 30 years old now. After attending highschool and engg college reunions last month, I found myself insecure and bitter but honestly happy for my batchmates and friends. I was one of the best student in my class (whether it was engg or nursing). Studying for the second time to get nursing, proved to me that I was intelligent (coz I never thought I was). I did everything right academically including extra-curriculars. I fought for my classmates to get the best from the school being a student leader and all. But right now, I am lost. I just want Him to lead me and do the right decision. Will I or should I quit work now and go back to Pangasinan province and do volunteer work without pay or try my luck and stay here in Manila, save for my NCLEX and then apply for an NCLEX Exam. After the NCLEX exam should I pass or not, I will definitely resign and do volunteer nursing, but that might take 2 years still. And that leads me back to my question, is there such a thing as a refresher course here in the PHP? (xenxa haven't written for a while)

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Just save for NCLEX and take it when your ready, read content, then do thousands of questions, that helps me. Volunteer work is okay but it doesn't help me so much here in the US because the experience they need as RN is being license here and not there, specially volunteer experience like what i have, doesn't seem really counted as experience, after passing my NCLEX they still considered me as new-grad. I hope my own story help you to decide and figure what is best for you. good luck