1 yr Peds experience - wanting to travel


Hi! So July 2017 will be my 1 yr mark working as an RN on a pediatric med surg unit at a fairly large children's hospital and I am pretty set on leaving to do travel nurse work in September. I graduated in 2016 with my BSN.

Sooooo I just wanted to hear what you guys are thinking about having 1 yr experience. I understand that these assignmnets will expect me to "hit the ground running" and as long as its the same level of acuity I feel comfortable doing this. (i have no intention in taking anything other than med surg and will definitely look into floating policies)

Have any of you left to travel with 1 yr experience? Based off your experience do you think I will have a lot of difficulty finding assignments (I know most hospitals prefer 2 yrs exp) but I have spoken with a few recruiters and they made it seem like it just makes things a little more difficult, not impossible.

So yeah, I am ALL ears to any input you guys have!! Whether its related to some questions I asked or if its just somethings you wished you knew before your first assignment, etc :)

Thanks I appreciate it & thanks for taking the time to read this post!!

Gr4ceffa, CNA

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It's pretty common actually, to leave with 1yr experience but it all depends on the recruiter and his/hers/the companies preference on experience. But if you feel as though you're all set, contact a recruiter in your area and get started!