Your thoughts on Hybrid A&P physiology classes?


Looks like the only availability for A&P 1 this semester at my local CC is a hybrid form. I have no experience with this kind of class (It looks like its part online, part in person) and wanted to know if this is recommended as a comprabable alternative to a traditional meeting class. What have your experiences been?


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I took patho last semester as a hybrid. The way it works here is that there is an option for students to attend a live lecture that is also broadcast on a cable channel. It's also recorded and put on the class website for students to watch. All of the tests and assignments were done or submitted online.

I think the biggest downside to online classes is the lack of face to face interaction between students and professor but in our hybrids, it's an option so really, no downside. If yours is structured the same way and you have the ability to attend lecture, I would just recommend going to lecture and it should be comparable to an entirely on-campus based class.