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Your Input is Needed Please - Lets Design Better Clinical Information Systems


Specializes in Informatics, Oncology, IVT, Home Health. Has 30 years experience.

Your input is needed to help design better clinical information systems.

I frequently hear complaints from clinicians that this or that system is not "user friendly" or that a particular system does not meet their needs as practicing RNs, Physicians, Laboratory Technologists, Pharmacists, etc. I have seen many instances of clinicians finding work arounds within clinical informations sytems because the systems (as designed) are "inadaquate" and "cumbersome" ........or even worse promote errors in with medication administration or documentation.

Here is a chance for clinicians to have valuable input into designing better systems.

I am working with the TIGER (The Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) Initiative. To learn more about the TIGER Initiative see:https://www.tigersummit.com/

Specifically the Usability and Clinical Application Design Collaborative Team.

This TIGER Team was formed to develop recommendations for clinical application design and usability requirements that better support the nursing work force to use technology and information systems to provide safer, more effective, more efficient, and patient-centered care.

Team members have been charged with collecting case studies and examples that illustrate usability and clinical application design best and worst practices in various clinical environments.

This is your chance to proactively address the problems of inadaquate clinical information systems. I am asking for your input. Please send or post here specific examples of clinical information systems that you are currently working with or have worked with that illustrate ease of use, systems that faciliate your practice and specific examples/descriptions of systems that hamper your practice. Please save responses such as "I hate the bla bla system". I need specifics. I dont need the name of the system or the name of the vendor that made the system - just clear descriptions and examples.

I need specific descriptions of how the system supports or hinders. Feel free to e-mail screen shots along with descriptions to RNinformatics@msn.com

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