Your Experience at CSULB or Loma Linda University


These are the two school i am thinking of applying to and want your input on your experience there. I have been an LVN for 2 years. I am finally making the transition to get my BSN and eventually my masters. I need your help in order to make the right decision. I plan on going to work part-time while i am in school to help pay my parent's mortgage (we're victims of Hurricane Katrina). Because i will be working part-time, i would prefer to go to a school with lesser work load. I want to maintain a high GPA to a competitive applicant for my master's program.

For those of you currently attending or are graduates of one of these schools--i have a few questions for you.

1. how would you rate the level of difficulty of the school in terms or work load and exams?

2. what did you like best about the school, what did you like the least?

3. How many hours did you study a day/week? How many hours would you say i need to devote a day to get an A in the class?

please help! :yeah:


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Thank you for your message to me miniangel729. :D I could not figure how to reply back to you, so I am replying to you here. I, too, have heard many people say that CSULB does not really care about their students. I felt this when I spoke with the people in the nursing dept when inquiring about their BSN program. I feel that Loma Linda would treat me better than CSULB. However, the hefty price tag (55,000, not including living cost) makes me hesitant about going there. I would also have to move to Loma Linda and live up there for 2 ½ years. LLU does have contracts with Loma Linda Hospital and will pay part of the tuition if you work for them for "x" amount of years

If you don't mind me asking, how difficult is it to get all A's at CSULB? Because I will be working while in school, I need to know the level of difficulty of the school to gauge how many hours a week I can work. This is probably the single most important determining factor in choosing a school.

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