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I am a student still in HS and I need on the following:

I have already been accepted to an accreditted university here in the US. However, i cannot afford it. I know I know...apply for such and such scholarship...unfortunately I'm not genius enough to be eligible for a merit aid and Im not eligible for financial aid becuase my family is considered "too rich" to need aid but in fact we are "too poor" to afford a four year tuition [especially because we will have three people in college next term]. I thought about this dilleme and two forks in the road appeared in front of me.

I saw the first one lead to my future here in a U.S university dying an early debt [lol] from taking out the two unsubsidized loans that are awarded [rather punished] to me, both of which have interest rates that range from 6.8-9% [supposedly fixed but I doubt it].

I saw the second road lead me to one of the "prestigious" colleges in the Philippines paying at least $2000 less but staying one more extra year [5 year BSN] and running the risk of having wasted my time and money when I come back to teh U.S because my education would not be accreditted/accepted.

I have read a few posts here and I saw that many are inclined to think that foreign insitutions "suck". While I disagree I do understand why we think this way. As U.S citizens we believe that our education system is the most pretigious/rigorous and thus the only education that counts. I completely digress from this mentality and I know from going to various public, private, catholic, middle schools/highschools, in two states that this mentality is overrated.

Now having said all this I would appreciate unbiased, accurate, and professinal advice and answers from all men and women of experience out there as to whther or not i shoould stay or go. I understand that Board/state exams are regulated by the state so I would like to know if any of you out there who studied abroad in the past 10 years passed the NClex and was rejected becuase youre foreign educated. Does not a BSN constitute an automatic eligibility to apply to ER, Hospice, etc. various nursing jobs, or must I specialize first? Does that mean that Is hould specialise here or there? If I specialize there, would it be accredetted? Is it acrually legal for institutions to reject someone who passed all the neccesarry exams? I have many many questions....

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