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You know you're working....

sonomala sonomala (Member)

Graveyard at an ltc: when the sight of a sunrise inspires yawns and the urge to get to sleep, even on days when you're not working.

When the sight of a family member coming in is cause for concern

when sugar replaces every food group

When you find yourself singing the tunes to infomercials while you work. (why won't some residents just turn it off)

when you can get an entire dry run done in 15 minutes with a full load of residents

when the phrase "you should have an easy night" is not meant in kindness

When no one understands that getting everyone up in time is very hard work

Morning shift at an ltc:

When you've lost count of all the things that graveyard shift didn't do and now you'll have to pick up

when you can't fathom how it can be hard to take care of them all while they're sleeping

when the phrase "you should be set for the day" isn't said in kindness

When you dream of having everyone quiet for at least 15 minutes let alone hours

when you've got 20 residents all awake all hitting their call bells at the exact same moment as two rns are giving you new care instructions.

Anyone else?

You know you work mornings on an alzheimer's/dementia unit..

when you don't envy graveyard their so-called "light work load" because they have to deal with sundowning.


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Haha, very true. I've worked all shifts and each one thinks the others are lazy. I've had 3rd shift jobs that were somewhat easy before, but at the facility I'm working at now, I swear to you NO ONE sleeps! Run all night.

The infomercials thing is absolutely true!

fuzzywuzzy, CNA

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You know you work 2nd shift:

when you get blamed for everything

when you have no life

when you'd really love to work 1st shift but you hate the thought of having so many bigwigs around.

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