You can help the children of Haiti from home!


Hey everyone. I hate to push a personal cause on you like this, but my family is in the process of adopting four year old twin girls from Haiti. The orphanage these girls are in is in Port-au-Prince, 10 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake that hit this week and has about 130 kids. Thankfully all the orphans are okay, but they are probably all traumatized, and they have been sleeping in the streets because they are afraid of aftershocks.

Port-au-prince is completely destroyed, and not only are they lacking food and medicine, but they are having trouble maintaining law and order. A prison collapsed in the earthquake and most of the inmates escaped, and apparently gunshots are frequently heard on the streets. Consequently, we would really like to get these little girls to the US. My mom has spent the last couple of days on the phone with various government officials trying to convince them to let Haitian orphans who are in the middle of the process of being adopted by American families come to the US now and stay with their future families while the adoption process is completed. There are about hundreds. Not only would this vastly improve the lives of these orphans now, it would also leave more room in the orphanages for children orphaned by the earthquake. Apparently the government is considering this as an option.

If any of you could find the time to call or email your Senators or Representatives and tell them that you are concerned about the orphans in Haiti, and would like the US government to allow those orphans who are partway through the adoption process to be allowed to come to the US and stay with their future families, my entire family would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.



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This is now URGENT. All we need is permission from the State Department and these children can come home!

The children going to Holland are leaving tomorrow, and a total of 500 are supposed to be brought home within the next 5 days.