3 years contract in an agency


Hi all! I am new here in this site so please bear with me.

I am a new nurse here in America. Currently I am waiting for my new assignment from my agency who petitioned me from my country. I signed the contract with them September 2014 and arrived in America November 2015. Got my green card a few weeks later. Then I got my first assignment March 7 2016. It was a 6 months contract with a hospital in Arizona and it ended last September 10 2016.

According to the contract I signed with them last Sept 2014, they promised 36-40 hours work load. The contract also states a duration of 156 weeks. I never thought though that it will not be a continuous contract of 3 years work in just one facility. Instead, lately did i found out that we were being marketed as travelling nurses and this means 3-6 months contract to different facilities in states you are licensed to practice.

I am really concerned about my funds. My question is, can this be a ground for termination of contract if your agency cannot provide you employment? Currently, I am waiting for my next assignment for 58 days now and so far no luck. I will need to get myself employed soon if my agency cannot provide me with one because I need to pay my dues. But what is hindering me to apply in hospitals here is my contract with them stating I cannot do that as long as the contract is in effect.

I am an immigrant nurse and I have no idea what are the rights we have as foreign nurse here in America.

Any advise guys? Thanks!

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I believe that US labor laws apply to anyone who is employed in this country. Your best bet is to contact a qualified attorney with experience in this area. In my part of the country, there are many law firms who specialize in this type of issue because there are serious consequences for companies who attempt to take advantage of vulnerable immigrant workers.