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Yale vs OHSU for psych NP


I got into my top two choices for Psych NP and am having trouble deciding. I know they both would have excellent clinical placements. I am interested in therapy and OHSU is very strong in this. I'm trying not to factor in the city or weather too much as I know these are not the main reasons I should choose a school. I plan to eventually practice in the upper Midwest but would like to have the opportunity to travel around and work different places. So, barring cost and location, does anyone have any feedback on which (if either) would be the better choice and why?


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It's funny that you say you don't want to consider location/weather. That was going to be my suggestion! Haha! But really- they are both great schools...so it then comes down to where you can see yourself living for the years you're going to school. Do you prefer rain or snow? 😉 Have you been to both campuses? Did you like the feel of one over the other?


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Oh! And congratulations on getting into two amazing schools!!!

Rain vs snow - not sure! I have always lived in the upper Midwest and don't love the climate here but I am used to it. Not sure if the grey skies of Oregon would get to me or not.

I have a trip planned to visit OHSU for a weekend but have not yet planned a trip to Yale. When I first applied, OHSU was sort of my top choice (I liked the idea of the therapy focus, state practice environment and ample clinical placements) but since I got into Yale, everyone is telling me I can't pass up Yale- although this sentiment is mostly coming from people unaffiliated with health care at all.

I've had the chance to ask questions of OHSU grads who mostly said it was a good program, and a Yale grad who said it was a great program. I have also heard through the grapevine online that Yale's program is sort of "in a crisis", but the 2011 Yale grad I spoke with said it was great and very well-structured. Mixed reviews- hard to decide if it's worth the cost of the trip out there to go check it out.


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I'm a bit biased- as I currently go to OHSU...but I understand your predicament. (I'm not in the PMHNP program though- so I'm no help when it comes to those specifics.) I moved to OR from the SW...hot and sunny to cold and cloudy! But honestly- I don't get out much so it doesn't bother me. I have a hubby and 3 kids, work per diem, and am swamped with 30-40 hrs per week of studying. I'm too busy to let the weather bother me! 😆

But if you love being outdoors- then the weather is definitely something that should factor into either decision.

If you like the therapy focus of OHSU- then I think that's an important factor as well. I totally get the temptation to go to a school based on the name alone. I'm not sure about the NP programs at Yale (I only briefly looked at them and didn't end up applying). I can tell you that OHSU keeps their programs quite small. You aren't just a "number" here. I love that I'm not only getting a great education- but that it's more personal. There's only 9 of us in my cohort. We have all bonded pretty well and that's been a huge help in adjusting to the insane stress of grad school! I've seen the same when looking at the other programs too (we all had the basic classes together in the first 2 quarters).

Hope this helps! But really you just gotta go with what feels right to you!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to hear you've had a good experience at OHSU and there is a personal connection between students and faculty. I suppose there is no wrong decision here. I'll be in Portland on Thursday and looking forward to checking it out.