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I am hoping that some of you who were part of the rolling admissions process last year at Yale can assist those of us who have just received notice of an interview at the end of the month.

What was the process like after the interview? Were you put on a waitlist (if the interview went well!) and then just told to wait for a phone call? I read that someone found out about acceptance only a week before school began..it has been so stressful waiting for word on applications, I can't imagine spending the next five months hoping to get in.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...And, for those of you who were accepted into the program, Congratulations!!!


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I was on the GEPN waitlist last year.

I interviewed in Mid-February and then received a letter in March indicating my waitlist status.

Yes, some people in the past have been offered admission as late as the week before classes. However, last year (2006) I received a letter in early August that all placements from the waitlist had already occurred.

If you are waitlisted, prepare yourself for the Fall and keep your chin up. But maintain a back up plan (Re-take GREs, Volunteer, Get a more exciting job) so that your life is still on track.

If you are not accepted from the waitlist you will need to reapply for Fall 2008. Yale stores references, but requires new applications each year.

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