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  1. Hi all, I know this forum is really slow but I know someone has to be out there!
    I'm hoping to find someone who knows anything about the University of Wyoming's traditional BSN program. I'm looking to transfer from a community college in Colorado, and it would be nice to be able to transfer somewhere so close- my other options are all over the country!
    Anybody know anything about how competitive the program is? I need to have them evaluate my transcripts, but I'm still trying to find more information first. Thanks!
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  3. by   Shell5
    You won't get a reply from them. I am soooooo frustrated with the UOW. I paid my 40.00 fee for them to evaluate my transcript and give me answers, but have gotten nothing but a hard time. No one will tell me anything. I was told until I get admitted they cannot tell me anything, but that is not what the website says about the 40.00. It is crazy and disjointed at the UOW. Admissions doesn't know what's going on in nursing. Nursing doesn't know what it going on over here. When I did finally get one person to answer 1 question her answer was wrong. My transcript is finally at the school and has been looked at and the nursing school still wont' talk to me until I "get my letter of admittance." Whatever!!!!!! I need to sign up for classes NOW n my town for some prereqs, not on their terms and I need to know what to take. They could tell me if they wanted to.

    The UOW needs to get more faculty who are willing to help and that are there to serve the student's needs, not there own. I will not recommend this school if you don't have to go for the $ or other reasons.

    If the way the have handled me thus far is any indication of the way their classes are going to be then there is going to be nothing but Hell.
  4. by   kukukajoo
    I just began looking into their RN-BSN online program which seems very fairly priced. I have been able to get answers from them when asked and so far the experience has been good. I graduate this May from a ADN program in New Hampshire and will be continuing on in my education, just not so sure where yet.