New Grad ADN Jobs in Wyoming

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am from Florida but really want to relocate. Originally I wanted to go to Colorado but based on my research it seems that I likely won't find a job there because I am a new grad with an ADN and no experience.

    I started looking into Wyoming and I really think it would be an amazing place to live. What is the job market like right now? Can a new grad with an ADN and no connections in Wyoming find a job?

    Ideally I'd like to work in a hospital but I am not opposed to working in a clinic. Would an urgent care clinic hire a new grad?

    Getting a job in Wyoming would make me so happy!! If anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. For now, I am sending in online applications. I will follow up on those applications and hopefully be able to speak with a human. The online application is kind of a bummer for a new grad because I have no nursing experience to list in the past employment section. But I am hopeful that something will work out for me.
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  3. by   ehays271
    I am an ADN new grad in San Diego (grad 12/2012), and recently applied for 6 or so jobs with Banner Health, which has 3 hospitals in WY. Within 2 days of my online application I was called directly, and just had a phone interview for a new grad position in WY.

    The fact that WY is rural means that RNs need to cross-train and be skilled at ED, OB/Post Partum, etc but it seems like a great opportunity for a new grad.

    In California I have found that Urgent Care RN postings require direct ED experience (1-3 yrs).

    How has the job search been going for you since September?