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This is sort of a random question, and I wasn't really sure which board it belonged on but here goes...

I'm a junior in a 4-year BSN program. I work part-time (two days a week) at a local dance studio as a dance teacher. I have known my boss for 12 years, I danced there for 9, worked there for several years through highschool, and returned last winter to teach. I love my job there, but I know that it will be ending after I graduate and (hopefully!) get an RN job soon after. I'm committed to this job through the end of June, definitely, but I know I will be working M-F over the summer days (at least mornings til noon). I am also planning on teaching throughout the next school year (my senior year) at least one day a week as it will be my last real opportunity to.

(My rationale for this is wherever I get hired, I will not have the luxury of only working certain days or shifts, so I cannot commit to teaching a weekly class for 10 months in advance. I suppose a couple years from now if I had a pretty set-in schedule, I could resume, but I'm not sure that would happen).

I have been hearing from clinical instructors, nurses, friends, everyone that I should consider a job in a hospital (as a CNA/PCA, unit secretary etc) to "get my foot in the door". They say it will better my chances of getting a job after school & passing NCLEX if I have some hospital experience.

My problem is this: for the rest of this semester (until mid-Dec.) I'm pretty swamped with school and work. My winter break is about 3 weeks, and then spring semester starts. I want to apply to a hospital close to my college, and not too far from my home as a per diem nursing assistant. I'm worried that they won't be interested in me due to my difficult availability. I could work several days per week over my winter break, possibly Sundays and MAYBE one week day once a month for spring semester. My availability would increase mid-May through the end of June (after nursing courses end, up until the annual recital at my job) Then July-August I would start my Monday-Friday summer days-teaching. I assume I'd be able to do a couple of weeknights (maybe 3-11p) and a weekend day each week or alternating weekends?

This is all very new to me; I've never had a job in healthcare, all I have is my clinical experience. Do you think a hospital would hire someone with such availabilities? How exactly does per diem work where you are?

Thanks :)

My NA job requires me to work 8 hours a week. I have friends who are required to only work 8 hours a pay period (2 weeks). It really depends on the hospital though. I would look at their jobs online (if they are posted) and it may say what you are required to work.

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