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Hey! This is a forum regarding the application process for the Spr 2024 WSSU ABSN program. Feel free to share anything here 🙂 

currently awaiting my last transcript to be received from admissions 🙂

Hi! I submitted my application weeks ago, but I am super anxious waiting for a decision. I'm surprised there aren't any responses on this forum. 


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yes me too so nervous! I was a bit surprised as well hoping for some more prospective students in the thread. how was the process for you? I was a bit confused when applying to the actual program vs the ugrad site and the unofficial/official transcripts- BUT it was all settled successfully before the deadline so that was good :) ☺️🙏 hopefully we'll be classmates!  @boogieondown90

A bit confusing in the beginning. I completed my application to the nursing program before I did the general application because I initially couldn't find the portal. But I got in contact with an admission counselor and she was a lot of help. I also uploaded my official transcripts to the application but was informed that I also had to have them sent over from the colleges I attended. But yes! - everything was worked out before the deadline. Hopefully, more people will join the thread in the next few weeks.  Speaking it into existence future classmate! 🤞🏿



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Hi! I had been wondering if a thread was started for this year's application cycle or not. I submitted all of my things on July 26th I believe-- but I totally agree about the process being confusing. Uploading my transcripts was difficult to say the least. I felt a lot better once I knew everything was finally submitted (correctly LOL). I know it's only September, but I check the application portal at least once a day! I hope we find out about admissions decisions in early October rather than the later half. It seems like a mixed bag looking at past year's forums. During COVID, they found out super late in the month. I believe a couple years ago they found out by the 18th or so. I think I was a strong candidate so I'm just crossing my fingers at this point. I'm glad we have a little group formed here on this forum and very much hope y'all will be my classmates in the Spring!

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