2 W's for the same class -- Does this look bad on a transcript?


Hey everyone,

I have kind of a weird history with my college writing course. I took it in 2003 at UMass, got an A, but then defaulted on a Perkins Loan there. They would not release my transcript until it was paid. I ignored it for a lot of years because I didn't have the money to pay it and I didn't really care about my credit at that time. In 2007, I enrolled in essentially the same course at my community college (in NC). I got... busy... I guess... I can't remember why, but I withdrew from that class. I didn't even have any kind of academic goals at that time, so it wasn't a big deal to me. Fast forward 4 years, I'm taking it again this semester to satisfy a requirement for the ADN program.

I rehabbed the Perkins Loan and finally paid it off this month, so my transcripts are eligible for transfer. The general ed courses do not have time limit to transfer, so I am fairly confident this class from UMass can satsify my pre-req needed for the ADN. However... this also means I should take ANOTHER W on my transcript for this same class. I am also not 100% sure this credit will even transfer.

I am currently taking A&P I and Developmental Psych with this English class. As many of you know, the "expository" writing English course is extremely time consuming. The "professor" is an adjunct with a mission to prove she is the world's hardest English professor. She has completely unreasonable expectations of an entry-level college writing course, and an extremely strict grading rubric. I disagree with a lot of her principles in writing, and she assigns an asinine amount of homework. She has even blatantly admitted that she does not even truly believe in giving A's unless the work is beyond amazing, no exceptions. For an English 101 course at a community college? Get off your high horse, lady.

As you can imagine, I'm eager to drop this class and see if I can transfer in the other credit. Even if it does not transfer, maybe it will be better to take it in Fall semester when I am just taking Patho, instead of A&P AND dev. psych.

So, what do ya think? Would 2 W's in the same course look bad?