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I have to write a 2-3 page paper relating to a topic that we have discussed this semester. For instance comparing 2 different procedures, medications, or nursing interventions. I'm completely stuck, and would love some help in deciding on a topic.

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Since I am not in your class, I don't know what the possibities are ... since I don't know what you discussed in class.

Was there anything in class that you found interesting? ... Something that you might want to learn more about? ... Something that relates directly to the type of nursing you would like to do someday? (If it relates to a job you will apply for as a new grad, the paper is something you could mention on your resume or in your interview to show that you have done a little extra study in that field.)

Pick a few topics that meet those criteria and go to your library (either brick and mortar or online). Browse for information on those topics to see if you can find some good articles to use in writing your paper. Choose to write the paper on the topic that still interests you after doing that exercise -- and that you were able to find some good library material to help you with the paper. That's how to pick a good paper topic.

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llg gave you some good information. In addition, was there something that you learned in school that you found out was done differently when you went to clinical? Did you ever find yourself wondering why you were taught one way, but the nurses did it a different way? You might choose to research each method to find out which one is most evidenced-based.

Scholarly databases such as Cochrane, EbscoHost, Medline, and Google Scholar are good places to start your search for evidence.

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Also, harken back to your high school English class and remember how to write an essay.


One of the essential steps to writing an essay assignment no matter what type of paper you are required to write will be to learn how to write an essay outline. If you begin with this first step of making a ‘plan’ for your paper the rest of the writing will fall into place. There are guidelines to follow when constructing your outline. Following them will make the entire writing process go much more smoothly for you and will enable you to create an exceptionally written essay.

*State your topic

*Write your thesis statement

*Your introduction- this will be the main idea for your paper it will include your thesis statement.

*Paragraphs- each paragraph should focus on the main point of your essay. Use bullet points for each paragraph with information that supports your main idea. Make certain your paragraphs are clear, simple, and to the point.

For instance- if you want to persuade, use bullet points that focus on the research you found for your argument. If you need to explain a process, use bullet points to describe the steps. If you are trying to inform, use bullet points to state the information you found while researching your topic.

*Write your conclusion- keep it short and summarize your main idea by leaving a memorable impression on your reader.