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I'm working on a script aimed at teenagers, encouraging them to consider nursing as a profession. We are particularly interested in reaching minorities. The video must be short and fast-paced to keep their attention. It will provide an overview of the profession; not try to explain, in-depth, about any one aspect.

Nurses, Students: What inspired you to become a nurse? What visuals do you think will grab a teenager's attention? What should we tell kids to encourage them to consider nursing? What do you love most about nursing?

I am especially interested in hearing from minority nurses--how do you think we can reach non-white youths?

Thank you for you help and interest! I'll let you know what ideas we use.

HI. A different perspective from NZ. I was inspired to become a nurse because I wanted a career that was well thought of. In NZ it is the mostly highly respected career along with teaching. Another reason is of course I wanted to help people and work with people. I also wanted variety and you sure get that in nursing! No day is ever the same.

I guess that is what I love about nursing is the above, but also making a difference in people's lives. I love working with different cultures and accross all classes (NZ has a national public health system) so I work with a lot of cultures and rich and poor people.

We have similar problems in this country of getting minority groups interested in nursing as a career. But I think the promotion of nursing as a great recognised career amonst our indigenous people and other minority groups. Also emphasis on promoting health amongst those minority groups would be helpful.

When I was at nursing school. there was a support group for nursing that were Maori (our indigenous race)and I think that helped a many of them stay in the course.

Hope this kind of helps.

Thanks for your input, JenMarie. New Zealand sounds progressive when it comes to valuing teachers and nurses--two of the professions for which I have the highest regard. Nurses in the US, any comments, contrasts?

Aside from the obvious (in demand profession, you can make a difference in others' lives, challenging),one of the biggest draws for me is the job diversity within the field. If I was trying to get the attention of a teenage audience, I would show them the many different faces of what a "nurse" is/does. You could show all kinds of nurses (men/women, all races/ages). You could show some images of a nurse in a clinic, a Public Health nurse,a flight nurse, OR nurse, ER nurse,ICU, med/surg, long term care, nurse researcher, advanced practice nurses (midwives delivering babies, nurse anesthetist in surgery, nurse practicioner providing care). Nursing is interesting & it's varied. A nursing degree can take you to a lot of different places and types of jobs. You can't say that about a lot of other professions.Good luck!

Thanks. All great ideas. Does anyone have any other perspectives to add? What specific images do you see to demonstrate some of Kona2's points?

Encouraging young people to be nurses has to be the most difficult job to undertake. most of the young nurses I work with are always saying,"i am not going to be doing this the rest of my life,like you." They felt that they were lied to and that nursing was glamourized in its representation. I believe that to target minorities you have to portray minorities and use actual nurses not actors.If the ADN degree doesn't get railroaded off, it is a quick degree that a youg person can support their children and shift work is better for two income families and you won't need a sitter. Plus, a lot of people actually "respect" nurses. Good luck I feel nursing is a dying profession and that makes me sad. But you know no other job sets you up to be puked on,peed on, bled on,crapped on and you still get sued for saving a life. RIGHT ON!!!RIGHT ON!!!

How about images of nurses making an impact on teenagers themselves? There would still be room to show the diverse roles we all fill. Just a thought. Good luck with the project!!

I like the idea of interacting with teens. What type of nurse/setting do you envision?

Also, the producer wants to show nursing students. What types of classes/experiences would you recommend?

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