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Hi everyone,

I am a pre-nursing student currently working on fulfilling pre-reqs to get into Wright State University (Dayton,OH). I was just wondering if anybody had any experience/thoughts on Track I (Fall Entry) vs. Track II (Spring Entry). The fall entry goes through the summer, and thus finishes early than the spring track, which allows for two summer breaks. I would like to finish as soon as possible, but I also know that nursing school is demanding and a break might be very rejuvenating :)

Any thoughts?

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I just started WSU this quarter. I'm 23, and my main priority is to get done as quickly as possible, but also keep my GPA up since they choose nursing students based on that. Otherwise, I'll probably be in school until I'm 80... :uhoh3:

Personally, my only concern with taking summer breaks is that I wouldn't go back! But like I said, this is my first quarter and I'm only taking pre-reqs which are nothing compared to the actual nursing classes. When I went to school for PN the biggest break we got was maybe 3 weeks. It was hard but it kept me moving. It was only a year though, I have no idea what's up ahead for the next four.

You know yourself better than anyone else does, so trust your instincts. Good luck!