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WPUNJ Accelerated Nursing

by Lesia B. Lesia B. (New) New Pre-Student

Hi all!

I wanted to make this group for anyone applying for the William Paterson University accelerated nursing program that starts in Spring 2021

Hi! I also applied and am currently waiting for decision.

I heard it's hard to get in.I an currently taking Chemistry of Science there and my GPA is only 3.65.Did u finished all prereqs?

Yea I also heard that it is difficult. I believe their cohort is always less than 20. 

have anyone receive their decision yet? 

No,just said application status is complete and waiting for decision 

Same. Anyone know when the decisions are usually announced???

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They said the end of this month 

Just got my e-acceptance package! Did anyone else get it?

Thank you, yes via email!

are u goin accept it?I applied in two schools.I hope I will be accepted in one:)