Wow, what a week!

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What a crazy week this has been. On Tuesday, I had a one hour skills exam for everything we've learned so far (beds, transferring/positioning, vitals, physical assessment, etc.) I did well, although I have to use my second and final chance on tying a wrist restraint. I've practiced, so I think it'll be fine. On the day of the exam, my kids were out of school because of Hurricane Rita, so my wonderful hubby stayed home so I could go to school. Then, when I got there, I locked my keys and all of my materials in my car! I know, very swift move...It's a wonder I passed. Thank goodness for my classmates who let me borrow everything.

Today, we had our second test in our theory class, and I got a 90%! I was so happy, because I got a 78% on the first test. What a relief!

I'm definitely not doing ANYTHING school-related tonight!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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That is great that you got a 90% on your therory exam. I also got a 78% on my first lecture exam and I am freaking out that I won't do good on the next one. It sounds like you deserve a break from school work.

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Monday I had a 30 minute skills checkoff for ROM, posistioning, transfers, and ambulation. Wednesday I had a quiz over medical abbreviations (this was not announced until the evening before). Thursday I had another 30 minute checkoff for dressings (complete wet-to-dry dressing change, irrigation, wound culture demonstration, then verbalize other types of dressings; all done in 30 minutes). Then, today I had a 55 question test in my Physical Assessment class.

That was just this week! Next week, it gets worse... :bluecry1: Monday is another 60 question Physical Assessment test. Tuesday is a 60 question Foundations test, and Wednesday is a comprehensive medical abbreviations final quiz. This is on top of all our lectures!!!!!! Thursday and Friday I get off!! :lol2: I will need it desperately by then.

Oh, on top of it all, I had the stomach flu the first part of the week (no time off), and now I have this chest cold (thanks classmates!) I've have to get better really soon, becuase I have to be at that test at 0800 sharp, with all my stuff studied.

I have a nursing instructor who honestly believes (he has said this to us!) that nursing classes should be so hard that basically no one gets an A in the class. The occasional A on a test is OK, but an A in the class is not! :confused: No wonder they give us so much work!:lol_hitti Right now we get three afternoons a week off. Other than that, we are in class 0800-1700 M-F. Plus, it only gets better from here as our clinicals start... :selfbonk:

So far I'm doing pretty well in everything, I think I have an A- average right now, which is not bad at all considering everything! :)

Shame on your nursing instructor. The abuse cycle continues. People are always saying nurse eat their young well guess where they learned that?

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It's a wild ride ain't. Kudos and keep up the good work. :)

Great job everyone! It is so crazy! Yet we just keep going back for more! :chuckle

Keep up the good work & enjoy any time off-you deserve it!

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