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Well I have been an observer for a while but have decided to start my first thread.

So, I am a male Freshman in a ASDN Program, I am working as a CNA at a Nursing Home, that has guaranteed me a job after school, but I digress.

So I had a resident who from day one has just been so special to me, she had advanced dementia but she was just always so sweet, and I always very protective of her... well she passed yesterday morning. However the I worked the night before, and suddenly I got the urge to go see her real quick even though i was right in the middle of putting people down after supper, needless to say my partner was not too happy. But I knew that I ABSOLUTELY had to see her, I just felt this urge. Well apparently she had not been doing too well for a couple of days, which I did not know because I had not worked for a few days because of school. Well I talked to her for a while, with no response from her, suddenly I decided I better go but I reached down gave her a hug... and whispered in her ear... "I Love You" and she whispered back "Love You Too." I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY, I held it together finished my shift and cried in may car for 10 minutes after work. I have experienced death alot in this facility, but simply never like this... I miss her terrible but our mutual faith assures me that we WILL meet again as one of my favorite quotes goes - "The return makes one love the farewell." ~Alfred De Musset.

I dont know why I felt the urge to finally share something, but this situation has truly hit me in the depth of my soul... and made me a better nurse!

RIP my friend... till we meet again!

Some residents absolutely leave their marks on our heart.


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