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What's your protocol when a patient calls, during the night, that their wound vac is malfunctioning? Are you required to go or wait until the morning?

Our policy is to have PT remove wound vac and apply wet to dry dsg, pt is scheduled to be seen next morning. Of course if they have no supplies or unable to do it, a visit would need to be made.


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I agree with rachel0609, Cover wound and wait until morning or they can go to the ER.


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I would go out and make a visit. That is why I am on call. I do not send anyone to ER or make them wait unless it is life threatening or something very trivial. Wound vacs are not something I consider trivial.


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Our policy is wet to dry with morning visit. but depending on the wound, if it seemed urgent or complicated I would consider a visit. but general answer is wet to dry. Which is why i stress to my new nurses and lpn to make sure pt and family understand wet to dry and have supplies with every visit, which is usually 3 times per week.


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The wet to dry dressing is pretty typical BUT you need to discuss this with your administration as they should provide you with the protocol and policy for guidance. Either that or you need to call the managing provider for appropriate orders when you get the call. IMHO


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Wet to dry and wait until morning unless assessment indicates need for a visit. I would not send a patient to the ER.

I agree joy09, I would never send a wound vac pt to the ER, I like my job :)


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If it is late at night or middle of the night we have them wet to dry then go out the next day.

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