Wound Vac problems

  1. I had a panniculectomy on September 29th of 2017. My surgeon opted to put wound vacs on me to promote faster healing, when I started my wounds (2 of them) were 6cm wide and 9 deep. The wound care nurses decided to put black foam and drape from hip to hip in order to heal my incision site faster which 80% of it has closed up completely. It has now been 5 weeks since my surgery and my wounds are 4cm wide by 7.5cm deep. I have been told they are not healing as rapidly as they thought they would and I now have An extended healing time to 7-8 weeks instead. My question is with having only healed 1.5cm in depth in 5 weeks is an extra 2 weeks really going to heal me 7.5cm? I have struggled with constant drape leaks some of which are as long as an index finger or two (I've patched 3 holes just this morning), could this be a reason as to why I haven't healed properly? My in home nurses give me vague answers and don't seem to know.
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  3. by   dianah
    So sorry to hear of your wound healing struggles and frustrations.
    We always want to hear of rapid healing for folks.

    That said, it is against the Terms of Service to give medical advice.
    You must be a squeaky wheel and ask your nurses, your doctor, your surgeon -- and keep asking your questions.

    I wish you answers and rapid healing.

    Closing this now.