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  1. I have a patient that has chronic wounds on his scrotum. One of which we have just placed a wound vac on, he is obese and doesn't get up much. He is able to reposition himself which he does frequently. He is very moist in the scrotum area and they have decided to place a wound vac. And this wound vac will not stay on over eight hours so staff is replacing it every shift and it is killing his skin. Any advise on how to get the dressing to stay?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Sh4y
    Any advise on how to get the dressing to stay?
    Since the groin/scrotal/male genitalia region is naturally moist, the wound vac adhesive drape is not going to adhere properly regardless of what anyone does.

    Alcohol-free skin prep might make his skin more likely to adhere, but not by much longer. What he really needs is a more efficacious wound treatment.
  4. by   Wound Nurse - Sales
    Have you considered ostomy paste ?? or Coloplast ??
  5. by   carrie276
    Triad is good for wounds that can't hold a traditional dressing