Wound computer program?

  1. Is anyone out there aware of/currently uses any type of computer software that would store and organize digital pictures?

    I discovered our facility would care center is currently storing digital files on a computer, grouped by date. As you can imagine this is taking up a ton of disk space!

    Just curious if there are any specific wound related programs out there that would adequately store these pics....or how is anyone else dealing with this same issue???

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  3. by   lsyorke
    We use a program provided by our Management Company, which is pretty good. We also take each picture and put them in a "file" for each patient. The file is named by first and last initial and medical record number on it's own designated drive. Once the patient is healed and discharged, we burn those pictures on a CD in alphabetical groups and by date healed...we do it quarterly. It makes it easy to find old pictures by just knowing the heal date and initials
    So, while it's a bit labor intensive it works well for us.
  4. by   groovy jeff
    I am a new grad and very interested in wound care; I am also a nature photographer that has tons of images stored.

    Perhaps I can help; but first a few questions.

    What is the goal? Do you want a library of wound pictures to draw from or want them as a part of a pt electronic file? etc.

    The way the post presents the problem would suggest you want a library................. If so just about any of the newer image management programs would work. With these programs you can add unlimited keywords to every image. For example you could use the keywords "diabetic" "feet" "stage 3" "unstageable", you could even use a pt identifier of some kind. You could make keywords surrounding the treatments used. Then anytime you wanted to look at stage 3 wounds all of those pics would come up. Or wanted to look at Mrs Jones wound progress, just key in Mrs Jones.

    I would think there would be several advantages to cataloging images this way. Say you have a screwy doc that won't be able to see his pt for a day or two or won't listen to your suggestions and you want to change the treatment, You could email him the pics of the pts progress and pics of a similar pt and how they responded to tx. I can think of all sorts of uses.

    Now I would be willing to set that program up for you for a nominal fee . Or better yet for free wound care training!!
  5. by   kaismommy
    Hello folks, have you heard about WoundEductors.com? they said that they are endorsed by American College of Wound Specialist? Well, I was planning to take their online class [for CEUs to renew my LVN lic in a few months] and as a leverage to enter wound care nursing in a long term care setting. Any suggestions, or opinions , please....it will be appreciated, thanks.

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