Wound care specialy course?

  1. I am looking for a wound care education program, preferrably in the midwest, that will prepare and enable me to take the wound care specialty certfication exam. I have found several WOC programs, but at this point I would like to focus on wounds only. Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   RNSue
    Dear cassie, I can't believe that no one has answered your query from June. I work at a university hospital based wound healing center. The best way to get experience is to find a job in wound healing. These are in the areas of plastic surgery, burn surgery, or in a wound healing clinic. There are several ways to get certified. One is by taking the ET training which also includes ostomy and continence. I don't know much about ET training as I am not one. They call themselves CWOCN now for Certified... Another way is to contact the American Academy of Wound Management woundnet@aol.com They have a certification exam if you have experience and if you pass the exam you would have CWS after your name for Certified Wound Specialist. The exams are offered two times a year in the spring and fall. I have a certification as a clinical research coordinator and coordinate trials in wound healing. I am looking into the CWS exam. Hope you find this response, you may have given up!