Wound Care Education for LPN

  1. I'm wondering where to find wound care education in GA, or the surrounding states.

    I work at a less than stellar long-term facility, that has just switched from having wound care nurses, to having each floor nurse do their own tx. The problem is, I've noticed an increase in # and severity of wounds, and some strange, innapropriate dressings, such as a regular gauze on large wound with a large amount of discharge to be changed q3d- resulting in a stinking, soggy dressing that's just hanging on by the corner.

    At any rate, although I cannot become certified due to being an LPN, I'm desperately searching for a quality class for wound, ostomy, and incont care in the area. I live in ATL, I'm willing to travel quite a ways, depending on the length of classes, and I'm also willing to pay out of pocket.

    I've asked the mgmnt here, and they keep refering me to a short online course they have, and I'm wanting something more in-depth

    Any solutions from anyone out there?
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    I think you might be amazing.

    I will call you tomorrow!
  4. by   Chrissy Lou
    Quote from tfwilliams10
    I have had some great questions emailed to me since this last post. I invite all RN's, LPN's, and LVN's interested in wound care certification to email me at tara@wcei.net and we can determine if this is right for you. Let me know what major cities you are nearby and I can find a course near you. I look forward to helping you gain your board certification in wound care!
    Tara Williams

    EXCELLENT PROGRAM AND TRAINING!! I have had my certification for over 2 years now and love every minute of it!
  5. by   followyourbliss
    Hi ,

    I am starting a wound care course tommorow :] I am a LPN working in LTC who has a goal of being a wound care nurse. I saw some crazy dressings and wounds while I did my preceptorship in Burns and Vascular Surgery and I was hooked!! Good luck to everyone, I am looking forward to this learning curve!

    Warm Regards,

    Follow Your Bliss
  6. by   followyourbliss

    I am a LPN doing a Level 1 wound care course through a University here, the woman teaching the course is amazing!! There are 3 levels in this course, I have only just started Level 1 and my head is swimming with all the complexities :] THAT is what I love though!

    I would love hearing about everyones course, and comparing notes.

    Let's put those steri strips on probation! lol

    Warm regards,

    Follow Your Bliss
  7. by   Patton1514
    Look at Emory at Atlanta...they have a wound care course. One is for RN's and up but the other is a 3 day course which gives you the material you need to pass the exam. Good Luck! I am going to take it. It's $1000.

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