wound care certification ?

  1. Hello, i want to become wound certified, i have a bsn i am in ct. i wonder there is the WOCN, The wound ostomy continence cert,
    then there is the WCC wound care cert. and they the certified wound specialist
    is one better than another and why? are any not recognized? thanks
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  3. by   LisaMarieLVN
    I have the WCC and the National Alliance Wound Care is the most supportive organization I have been a part of. I did not qualify for the CWS or WOCN, but, have heard that the three organizations are all accredited by the same accrediting organization, so all three are highly respected. I asked the NAWC about the other two and they seem to have a positive opinion about the other two organizations. I would say check them all out and see which one works for you, but, I highly recommend the program through National Alliance of Wound Care. Thanks!
  4. by   LisaMarieLVN
    I have to add that a good friend of mine took the Wound Educators course online as a preparation for the WCC exam at the same time I did because it was cheaper, she has two little ones at home and she had more experience than me. She failed the WCC exam because this class said they would prepare her and they didn't. We compared notes and the course I took had much more to offer. The course I took was with Wound Care Education Institute. A lady named Cindy was my instructor and through all my years of school, I have never had a better teacher. My friend also said that she nearly fell asleep trying to get through the Wound Educators course. It was a very monotone voice presenting and did not keep her interested. There is a much better comparison of the three organizations here. http://wocncb.org/become-certified/how_to_choose.pdf I had trouble with the other link on woundrn's post, so I thought I would try to find something else on it.

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  5. by   pednursedeb
    My husband has an ileostomy. Since I deal with that all the time I was thinking about going into wound/ostomy care. I am currently in pediatrics. I've been a nurse for 25 years and have varied experience.
    Is it something that you get into and enjoy? I love nursing and am just looking for a change for a number of reasons.
  6. by   LisaMarieLVN
    Wound care is something not eveyone enjoys. But, if you have an opportunity to care for a family member and want some education on wound care to see if it does spark an interest, Wound Care Education Institute does have a great class. You can even get certified through their class now if you don't have experience. Preceptoring or something like that?

    Thank you,
  7. by   kcicc
    I believe that you can sit for the WCC exam without attending the 3500+ dollar course, study up !!!
  8. by   LisaMarieLVN
    Yes, you are right. I see that you can now. But, you do have to have 4 years of experience. We only paid $2500 for the class and exam and it was worth every penny. Not only that, but, the after class support I get for clinical questions and other wound care stuff outweighs the cost. The members only website is unbelieveable.
  9. by   aeiape
    I have the course outline and a Wound Management book that I am looking to sell. Anyone need these? E-mail me at arg@bellsouth.net
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  10. by   debonair
    If you want to become part of the Premier organization, but any definition, the WOCN is where it's at. The WOCN (Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse society) is the organization that creates the standards of care adapted by all nursing organizations and health care agencies (not to mention the standard for which care is held to in lawsuits). They continually create new standards of care to specific topics and offer national and regional conferences annually in which to participate. You have the opportunity to join committees and be a part of the large picture. They have created an entire evidence-based nursing practice. The physicians look to them as the experts. To join an accredited school, and it is easier now as there are quite a few online courses, you must have a bachelor's degree and so many hours of practice. Each arm of the WOCN - Wound, Ostomy, Continence is 3 weeks and with clinical time and professional practice, tack on some more, that you can do locally thru another certified WOCN nurse in the particular specialty. You need only take one, two or all three. Professional Practice is added onto each if needed, unless you have had a certification in one of the others already. Renewal is every 5 years by portfolio or retesting.

    If you just want some credentials and your organization is willing to foot the bill, (about $3500 + expenses), you can get a WCC, which stands for wound care certified, which means you went through their class and exam to obtain their "certificate". In other words, you obtain a certificate, not testing through national certification. However, since WOCN nurses are few and far between, any training you can get to help patients, by all means, go for it.
  11. by   pednursedeb
    I just have a associate degree. I guess the best I could do is get a certificate in
    wound/ostomy care. I'm 57 so I don't think I'm going for my BS at this point. I'm not sure that just a certificate would do much for me as for as getting a job in wound/ostomy care. I'm sure it would still be a good learning experience, just don't know if I can spend that kind of money for it.
    Thanks for everyone's information.
  12. by   kennewickwoman
    Don't give up. It only takes a week and sometimes employers help fund it. They do not currently have anything in ostomy, but the WOCN is working on being able to provide someone education with another type of designation. Just not quite there yet.
  13. by   pednursedeb
    Thanks for the info. I'll check into it. My hospital will sometimes pay for things if
    they need someone for that job.
  14. by   Renee cwocn
    With your experience you would be a great asset to your patients and there families. visit www.wocn.org you can work towards ostomy sertification seperately. I work acute care and we can always use more ostomy nurses

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