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  1. Hello all,
    I need advice on several issues. I am an RN who will finish my BSN in March '09. I intend to sit for either CWCN or CWS soon after. I have the requisite wound care experience for either. Which certification do you recommend....why? What is the best way to study for the exam? There are so many classes, books, CD's, etc. Some of them sound gimmicky to me and seem very costly.
    Thank you so much.
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  3. by   KimT08
    I will tell you that both the CWS and CWOCN exams are very, very difficult exams especially for someone who does not have a lot of experience. They cover a lot of material all the way from the cellular level to treatment. There is a certification from the NAWC that is administered through the wound care education institute. You do not have to have a BSN for this certification. It requires a one week class and you take the exam at the end of the week. It is not as intense as the CWS or CWOCN but it is taught by CWOCN nurses. That would be a good place to start if you did not have a lot of experience while you were gaining experience and studying. If you do have a lot of wound care experience I would recommend the CWOCN exam as it is the exam that is recognized the most. The CWOCN does have 2 other options that would be very valuable prior to taking the exam which are your choice of a distance learning course in which case you would just need to find a CWOCN in your area to precept you or a 6-8 week on site course at Emory. I hope this helps!
  4. by   mary0507
    I live in Reading PA. One hour out of Philly. I would like to get certified in wound care. How do you get a position on a burn unit. What do you have to know. I have done psych for 25 years and some of the staff is as sick as the patients. Sad. I did home health for ten years and did a lot of wounds. The one I contacted was "Wound care " education institute. $2500.00 dollars. Too much money. I need a good course that is not going to cost me and arm and a leg. Unemployed.

  5. by   seghull
    If you plan to take the wound portion of WOCNCB exam (that is what the CWOCNs take), you first have to take an approved course of study. I took the courses at webWOCnurse.com - Home Page
    It is all online except for the preceptorships.

    If you go to the WOCNCB website, there is a list of all the approved courses. I think there are others now that are online.

    I am not sure you will find an approved course for any of the certifications that isn't spendy.
  6. by   Emmjay

    Did you think the all on-line program was a good one? Did you do all three courses? I am trying to decide between the all on-line course that you did, or the distance learning from Emory. It is so much more convenient to not have to take that week off and pay for airfare and hotel........but perhaps Emory is better? Any thoughts appreciated. Thank you.

  7. by   seghull
    Hi Em,
    I thought the education was very well done. I did take all three classes. Actually, there are four. One is a foundational class. I could not say if Emery is better, not having gone there. I felt, when I did my preceptorships, that I confidently knew what I should know, and I have been working in the specialties now for 7 years, so I can say that, for me, the online classes did the job.

    Oh, I also had no trouble passing the 3 certification exams.

    Hope this helps!
  8. by   deemalt
    Has anyone out there done the Wicks on line classes for CWOCN certification? I spoke to a preceptor here in Southern Ca and she recommended either Emory, Wicks, or Webwoc. Off the bat there are major differences in prices and time lines. Any info would be helpful!
  9. by   RJMerchant
    I have found a site for free Wound Care Certification Program at WoundsWest Education

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