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I am not sure what hyperbaric nursing is. Would you fill me in? Thanks Brandy... Read More

  1. by   luvbug
    we have a pt with chronic sores on her legs with very porr circulation to her lower extremities. her specialist that she just saw suggested this hyperbaric treatment like 2-3 hours per day, 5 days a week. Does this sound right or that it might even make a difference? she has had these sores for over 10 years now...
  2. by   djaychris
    Hyperbaric nursing is a tiny specialty that I have fallen in love with. I run a tiny hyperbaric department with two mono-place chambers. I do everything in the department, from training a few casual staff, to billing, to insurance, to administering treatments. This job challenges me in many different ways. In my humble opinion, a hyperbaric facility that deals with sick/emergent patients needs a STRONG critical care nurse. Althought hyperbarics often appears easy, the critical thinking element of it is not. The nurse needs to be confident to make decisions for the patient when they are in the chamber. Because it is such a small specialty, the hyperbaric staff member must often make important decisions on their own. They will often find that available physicians have no idea how to handle the situation. In a small department like mine, I have no co-workers. I have to rely on my experience as a nurse, as well as on-the-job training I had from the prior nurse, to make the right decisions....every time. Safety is also incredibly important in hyperbaric nursing. A nurse must use top notch assessment skills before treating their patient. I find this to be an incredibly exciting....but tiny field. My department is not located in a coastal region, so we don't see much decompression sickness. We treat both pediatric and adult medical indications (some emergent). For questions about what hyperbarics can be used to treat, visit UHMS.ORG or HBOEVIDENCE.COM