TEDS are for BEDS?

  1. Hi Guys: I've just taken the WCEI wound care course. the overall of the course was very good. Except for one single information they gave. Tehy stated that TED stockins should only be used in BED? i don't really get it. Tehy didn't explained that much. So far, all my residents have an order that reads, TED stockins On at AM; OFF at 8PM.Does anybody has any clue on this? thank you
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  3. by   sharlynn
    You had different instructors than I had for WCEI. "TEDS are for beds" refers to short term surgical patients who will be ambulatory after a few days. Nursing home residents wear them for years. If you can't convince doctors that the much more expensive Jobst type stockings are better, at least be sure they get new TEDS every other month.
  4. by   Faby
    You could certainly use it. It stuck to my memory since the course. It has been so long since I post this question that I couldn't remember what it was about. LOL. This site is incredible when you think about how long ago somebody post a question and stil could get feedback.