Searching for name of a fecal containment device

  1. Hello all! I am searching for the name and manufacturer of a fecal containment device used in an ICU I worked p.t. on about a year ago. The hospital I transfered to is doing a study for their ICU pt's with C. Diff.
    The device resembles a latex glove (they also had latex free), with a hole at one end that is "glued" around the anus with the help of a triangle-shaped plug that helps the adhesive secure around the opening (the plug is removed of The bag is then attached to a normal foley bag and the stool is collected in the foley. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it! ALong with many patients I'm sure!
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    I used a similar device for a paraplegic LARGE lady that had C diff. The one I got from supply was just called rectal pouch and I don't know who made it. Instead of attaching pouch to foley bag, we folded the end down and used an ostomy bag clip. It also had a triangle pad of adhesive that stuck to the rectal area.
    Sorry I don't know the name.......
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    I found it! It's made by of the nurses I worked with then snapped a photo of the label and e-mailed it to me this morning. Funny I've been trying to find this info for a few wekks....Thank you very much for the assistance!!!
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    My husband had one placed when he was in patient back in March and had diareah, due to anti-biotics, but the problem was the placement of a stage IV pressure sore so close to the backside and in direct line of fire of any stool, it already had ecoli and MRSA, so they were watching for C dif, the bag they put on him actually was like a foley it was a rectal tube, but soft and it had a balloon inside that kept it in place and kept it from leaking. The stool collected in a foley type bag. The rectal bags don't work as well on him when he was first injured about 3.5 years ago they placed several of those bags like Karens links show, but he just blew right through them. The one he had placed this time was a GODsend for sure, 8 bed and dressing changes in 6 hours was way too much for him to take he's a C2-3 Vent dependant quad. After they placed that bag no more bed changes and back BID dressing changes.